Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – August 2021

Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – August 2021

No End in Sight for Era of Extremes 

September is a period of transition. In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting progressively shorter while the heat and humidity are starting to wane. In the Southern Hemisphere, the heart of winter is done, and spring is rapidly approaching. 

While the seasons will change, one factor that will not be changing for the foreseeable future is the continued elevated risk of extreme weather. There are no signs that the EOE (era of extremes) will end. The higher the frequency of extremes, the greater the risk of disruptions on society, businesses, and supply chain networks. Over the past three months, the extremes have risen to a new level including anomalies in precipitation and temperature. 

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Insights & Key Findings

  • The Agriculture Monthly Overview  
  • Top 5 Watch List 
  • Monthly Dive – Northern Plains / Canadian Prairies Drought in Historical Perspective 
  • 2021 Atlantic Tropical Season Update – What to Watch for Agriculture 

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