Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – June 2021

Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – June 2021

Summer Solstice – A Critical Development Period 

In typical seasons, the passing of summer solstice begins the critical development period for summer crops in key agriculture growing areas. But this year, there is nothing typical as increasing weather problems  in the Northern Hemisphere threaten crop growth and yield potential further, impacting a market that has begun to show early signs of volatility and inflation.

With agricultural prices at historically elevated levels and many key areas facing the brink of major drought and heat stress issues, the months ahead will arguably be the most sensitive period in decades on a global basis, proving critical for farmers, crop-producing nations, and the global population.

This month’s Everstream Analytics AMO features special guest commentary by Kenneth Scott Zuckerberg, lead Economist at CoBank, the Top 5 Watch List, key issues in global agriculture, and the Monthly Dive. Download the report today.

Insights & Key Findings

  • Essential global agriculture issues 
  • CoBank Lead Economist commentary
  • Top 5 risks to impact agriculture global supply chain
  • In depth review of the history/prospects for the U.S. fire season

Get in Front of What’s Ahead.

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