Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – Preparing for the 2021 Growing Season

Agriculture Monthly Overview Report – Preparing for the 2021 Growing Season

Agricultural markets across the globe are in rare territory. With substantially higher prices for virtually all agricultural commodities rising to the highest levels seen in nearly a decade and the potential for adverse weather events (heat, dryness, extreme events), the settings are right for a potential threat to permeate the industry and beyond. 

Impacting more than just Agriculture and Food and Beverage, industries like Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Pharma, Chemicals, Energy, and Mining have an increased stake in the agriculture business when risky events occur. 

Having visibility and actionable insight days or weeks in advance on events involving drastic changes in temperature, wind, ice, rain or snow can make all the difference in time, cost, and product integrity. 

Insights & Key Findings

  • A comprehensive overview of the weather forecast, global sea-surface temps, droughts and potential implications to the upcoming growing season 
  • Review of the Top 5 Agriculture Risk Trends companies should watch  
  • Monthly Dive – A dedicated section to explore how ongoing climate events impact certain regions.   

Prepare your supply chain for the 2021 Growing Season.

Get in Front of What’s Ahead.

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