Suppliers Face Monthslong Operational Impacts in the Aftermath of Severe Floods in Europe

Suppliers Face Monthslong Operational Impacts in the Aftermath of Severe Floods in Europe

The aftermath of last month’s devastating floods in Germany and much of Western Europe has revealed not only its dire toll on human lives, but also the extensive damages inflicted on businesses and infrastructure in the region. An original analysis by Everstream Analytics uncovered that, in total, more than 85 companies in parts of Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, and the Netherlands have experienced operational impacts from the flooding events. While some have already resumed operations following a brief period of disruption, others have warned that the impacts from floodwater were so damaging that it would take several months until operations fully normalize.

As downstream impacts from the floods are likely to continue in the coming months, this Special Report provides customers with a full impact assessment on affected companies, sectors, and areas as well as a series of recommendations to navigate through the latest disruptions caused by the severe flooding in western Europe.

To learn how your supply chain may be impacted, read the report.

Key Insights

  • Analysis of areas particularly impacted by the flooding
  • Key suppliers and sectors that are affected
  • Recommendations on how to mitigate disruption

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