COVID-19 Weekly Update, May 12th 2021

COVID-19 Weekly Update, May 12th 2021

Everstream Analytics monitors and produces a weekly summary of supply chain impacts due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The update is provided free-of-charge to the industry.  

  • Several U.S. states announce the lifting of restrictions as cases decline: Illinois from May 14; Delaware from May 21; and Minnesota from May 31.
  • Spain’s 17 regions have eased some restrictions such as travel bans and curfews after case numbers stabilized and the state of emergency ended on May 9.
  • The Tunisian government has imposed a 7-day lockdown from May 9 for the Eid Al-Fitr holidays, while curfew measures were previously extended until May 16.
  • Authorities in Egypt announced a tightening of COVID-19 restrictions from May 6 until at least May 21 with a ban on public gatherings.
  • Malaysian authorities announced a nationwide lockdown from May 12 until June 7; additionally, all inter-district and interstate travel have been banned from May 10 until June 6.
  • The New South Wales government has extended COVID-19 restrictions in the Greater Sydney area until May 17. Businesses will remain open under existing capacity restrictions. 

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