Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis in India Disrupts Supply Chains

Unprecedented COVID-19 Crisis in India Disrupts Supply Chains

India Becomes Latest Hotspot for COVID-19 as Industries Feel Full Impact 

India, a country of 1.3 billion people, has become the latest hotspot for the COVID-19 pandemic as the country grapples with a second wave with a record high number of infection cases and deaths. 

The dire situation has overwhelmed the nation’s healthcare system as hospitals in urban centers like Delhi and Mumbai are filled to the maximum capacity and are faced with oxygen shortages.  

In response to the crisis, authorities on April 22 banned the use of liquid oxygen in industrial applications with the exception of the following nine industries: ampoules & vials, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refineries, steel, nuclear energy, oxygen cylinder manufacturers, waste water treatment, food & water purification, and process industries. However, there remain challenges in the transport and storage of oxygen as liquid oxygen at very low temperatures has to be transported in special cryogenic tankers, which the distributors then convert into gas for filling cylinders.  

As a result of the recent infection surge, low oxygen levels, and localized lockdowns, industries are experiencing unprecedented disruption in the country, including halted automotive production, bottlenecked vaccine production, and flight reductions.   

Is your supply chain impacted by the crisis in India? 

This report examines how these issues intertwine to disrupt the flow of critical goods and supplies and the challenges industries are facing with restricted use of oxygen and targeted lockdown measures.  

Insights & Key Findings… 

  • Analysis of low oxygen production impacting the hospitals, local communities, and other industry supply chains  
  • Examination of targeted lockdown measures  
  • Overview of multiple countries imposing new bans on flights to and from India 
  • Recommendations for what companies should do to mitigate the risks 

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