CyPlus Selects Everstream Analytics to enhance security of shipments

CyPlus Selects Everstream Analytics to enhance security of shipments

Everstream Analytics, a leading supply chain risk analytics provider, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its client base: CyPlus, a subsidiary of Röhm Group, provides innovative products, technologies and services for the precious metals mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and metals surface treatment industries. CyPlus embraces its leading role in sustainability, production, and innovative packaging and logistics while aiming to fulfill the highest global safety and environmental standards, holding ISO certifications according to 9001, 14001 and 50001, and following the International Cyanide Management Code for the Manufacture, Transport, and Use of Cyanide in the Production of Gold.

CyPlus is known for safe and responsible management of cyanides throughout their lifecycle, from production, transport and handling, to application and disposal, which is why they chose Everstream to help them enhance their transport safety through predictive risk analytics. What started as a small pilot with Everstream eventually expanded into an incident monitoring solution with potential for further collaboration and innovation. “Everstream’s incident monitoring efficiently alerts the team to disruptions and risk events that may impact the logistics and transportation of our goods and services,” says Jürgen Ohlemacher/Head of ESHQ CyPlus. “This essential decision support data helps us to determine the best routes for our products globally and helps us to execute best-practices for partners and clients to ensure safety.”

Everstream is committed to enabling leading global supply chains to convert risk into a competitive advantage by avoiding or mitigating risk with superior intelligence. “We are excited to support the exceptional safety programs and policies that CyPlus is known for and to help them implement AI-based analytics to continue to innovate,” said Everstream CEO Julie Gerdeman.   

About CyPlus:
CyPlus is a regional leader in cyanides that offers strong technology services and is aiming to position itself as an innovative solution provider. CyPlus is known for safe and responsible management of cyanides throughout their lifecycle, from production, transport and handling, to application and disposal. CyPlus’ offers encompass services for the entire cyanide lifecycle. CyPlus devotes its capabilities to introducing new solutions that focus on boosting productivity and the potential to significantly innovate gold mineral processing. Employing more than 100 staff and running production sites in Europe and Mexico (the CyPlus Idesa joint venture) and sales offices worldwide allows us to ensure proximity to our customers and a reliable supply chain set-up.

About Everstream:
Everstream Analytics is a supply chain risk analytics company that delivers actionable insights to increase the resilience and agility of our clients’ supply chains, protecting revenue and reputation. Our solution integrates with our clients’ Procurement, Logistics and Business Continuity platforms to deliver global, end-to-end visibility of supply chain risk to enable our clients to Think Bigger. We employ a unique combination of human expertise, artificial intelligence and proprietary data to deliver predictive insights to enable our clients to See Further. We combine data science, proprietary intelligence and multilingual specialists to monitor global risk and events in real-time to enable our clients to Act Sooner. We embed risk analytics into decision making during planning and execution across all functions and phases of our clients’ supply chains to help them Get in Front of What’s Ahead and turn risk into a competitive advantage.

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