Helping the Insurance Industry Connect the Dots

By providing end-to-end supply chain risk data and analytics that relate to all phases of the risk transfer cycle, we help connect the dots between the policyholder, brokers and agents, insurers, and reinsurers. 

Our solutions are used by both logistics and procurement functions across hundreds of global companies to get ahead of operational risk. This allows us to help companies reduce end-to-end supply chain risk, creating an opportunity for risk transfer providers to improve loss ratios and policyholder retention: 

Policyholder engagement and retention.  By partnering with Everstream, insurers can demonstrate a focus on supply chain risk, a commitment to help policyholders reduce risk, and provide value-added services.  

  • Loss Control.  Policyholders that utilize Everstream’s solutions can more accurately predict risk and can respond faster than other companies to disruptive events, significantly reducing insured and non-insured risks and losses. 
  • Consulting Services.  By partnering with Everstream, companies can scale and deepen risk transfer and loss control consulting services. 
  • Risk selection & underwriting.  Everstream helps companies improve risk selection and underwriting performance, particularly for transportation, BI, and CBI risks. 
  • Claims Operations.  By providing advanced warning of supply chain disruptions, claims teams can accelerate the preparation and deployment of claims resources. 
  • New Product Development.  Everstream enables new methods of transferring risk such as holistic supply chain risk transfer or on-demand per-shipment coverage.

See how we help your policyholders to Get in front of what’s ahead with Everstream Analytics: