Factory Fires and Droughts to Further Exacerbate Global Semiconductor Supply Shortages

The widespread global shortage of semiconductors that emerged in late 2020 and caused mass production stoppages in the automotive sector is now threatening to impact a wide range of other industries from consumer electronics and home appliances to critical network infrastructure and medical device manufacturing. Over recent weeks, an...


Plastics Shortages Amid Slow Restart of Petrochemical Plants

Executive Summary Extremely low temperatures in the southern U.S. and northern Mexico in mid-February caused widespread power outages and equipment failures that disrupted operations across a variety of industries ranging from semiconductors to automotive and petrochemicals. The impact of the cold weather is likely to persist the longest across the petrochemical...

Managing Ethical Risks: Challenges in Maintaining Responsible Global Supply Chains

For many governments around the world, the desire to protect human rights by preventing forced labor, child labor, or other forms of indentured servitude within global supply chains remains a major priority. As public concerns continue to surface over alleged supply chain-linked abuses, multinational firms are increasingly facing pressure...

COVID-19: How the Global Vaccine Distribution Could Impact Cargo Supply Chains

As pharmaceutical companies around the world race to develop COVID-19 vaccines that could receive emergency regulatory approvals by as early as December 2020, logistics providers are preparing to build the supply chain needed to deliver these drugs to billions of people as rapidly as possible.