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Using Supply Chain Predictive Analytics to Reduce Risk

January 28, 2021  Supply Chain Predictive Analytics and Customer Service  It’s the difference between an average company and one that stands out from the rest. Forbes reports that companies that lead in customer experience outperform those who don’t by nearly 80%, and 84% of companies that focus on improving their customer experience report...

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How to Mitigate Risk in The Supply Chain

January 15, 2021  The Supply Chain Risk Management Assessment A Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu survey found that 85 percent of global supply chains experienced at least one disruption in the past 12 months. That was before COVID-19. Since the epidemic, Supply Chain Dive reported that 73 percent of companies experienced a “detrimental” supply-side disruption due to the pandemic...

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2 Critical Components to Improve Supply Chain Strategy

December 21, 2020  Improving Supply Chain Strategy, One Step at a Time The supply chain is a highly complex, highly dependent, dynamic entity. It encompasses everything from product development and inventory to distribution networks and logistics. Because every link in the chain network is dependent on the previous link, the supply...