2021 Supply Chain Year in Review Timeline

2021 Supply Chain Year in Review Timeline

2021 Timeline: Supply Chain Year in Review

Whether it was extreme freeze, intense drought, or devastating floods, high-risk events over the past 12 months dented business logistics and procurement across the globe. If your supply chain was affected, you were at the tail end of a string of events that likely started on the other side of the planet. 

Surging energy prices, severe material shortages, sizzling labor unrest, returning COVID-19 outbreaks, and unprecedented shipping delays compounded risk to cause major supply chain disruptions. 

Our infographic details the year’s noteworthy events, highlighting the why behind 2021’s supply chain knots. For even more details on 2021’s events and their impacts, download the full report: 2021 Supply Chain Year in Review.  

2021 Year in Review

Shortages, Logistics, & Weather

2021 supply chain year in review

How will 2021’s events impact 2022’s supply chain? Our Annual Risk Report – available in January – will reveal the top five oncoming trends you need to know.  

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2022 Annual Supply Chain Risk Report – Top 5 SCRM Risk Trends

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To learn about the top 5 supply chain risk trends in 2022, download the Annual Risk Report today.